We treat patients in Texas, New York, Florida and Missouri.

We also offer informal consultations to anywhere else in the English-speaking world.​

Is your body holding you back?

We know how disappointing it is when your body is keeping you from doing the things you ought to be able to do. That’s why I offer safe, convenient, personalized medical treatment plans to correct unhealthy weight or men’s hormone levels so you can live better longer.



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Helios is a true medical clinic, not a healthcare store. We are not going to sell you medication or supplements, when you can pay less elsewhere.

We treat patients in Texas, New York, Florida and Missouri.

We also offer informal consultations to anywhere else in the English-speaking world.

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The wealthiest country in the world is also one of the unhealthiest of all developed countries. We face an unhealthy weight epidemic which is stealing our lives, both in terms of length and quality of life and costing each and every one of us thousands in healthcare, insurance, lifestyle, tax, and society welfare dollars. Over two-thirds of Americans have unhealthy weight (officially called overweight or obesity) and the number is growing. This is causing a drastic rise in metabolic conditions such as heart, pancreas, liver, and kidney failure; physical conditions such as back pain and joint destruction; psychosocial conditions like depression and social isolation; and economic problems like promotion ceilings and missing out on jobs altogether. Unhealthy weight may be the most important medical diagnosis to address that we have ever seen. There are medical weight loss centers (obesity centers), commercial weight loss corporations, self-help books and websites, and many of them are terrific at helping you lose those initial pounds. The problem lies in the long-term for those successful patients, and in the need for flexibility for those who are struggling from the start.

There may be over 15 million men with deficiencies in their male hormones and most have no idea that their symptoms may be hormonal and treatable. Of those who do, many are nowhere near a clinician interested in treating it, believe that treatment is too inconvenient, or believe it to be too expensive. While there is always some expense, insurance will cover most of the cost and finding your hormonal balance will make a huge difference in your quality and enjoyment of life, and may extend it.

My medical goal has always been to help my patients in their life’s journey to be the healthiest that they can be. Whether in training, as an emergency room physician, or as a nuclear medicine physician, I have tried my best to put my patients’ health and wellbeing first. That’s why I decided to grow into areas where I felt there was a significant need, unhealthy weight and men’s hormone deficiencies. My clinic is online assuring convenience. I do not sell products that I believe you could get elsewhere for less, but will give you advice on which supplements or non-prescription medications I believe may help. I am a physician first and Helios is a clinic first, business second, and the way I give you my time and attention shows it. I just want to treat you the way I would my friends and family.

James Caplan, MD
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The Helios Method

I intentionally chose a treatment planning model that will allow me to treat each patient as an individual and do what is best for their unique needs.

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Dr. Caplan will review your overall health and establish what diagnostic work-up you may need to get his best understanding of your clinical picture. Weather it is for weight loss or hormonal correction, there may be laboratory or other studies needed to help develop our treatment strategy.


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Treatment Plan

During your second appointment, Dr. Caplan will discuss your laboratory results with you and will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan we both believe will be a success.

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Follow-up appointment schedules will depend on your treatment plan. Weight loss appointments may have intervals as short as a week or two. Hormone correction appointments are usually six weeks apart until your hormones normalize, then taper off to every 3-6 months. You can always schedule an appointment sooner if you feel the need.


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