Satisfaction with Dr. Caplan and Helios Telemedicine for Longevity

5.00 Average Rating


How do Dr. Caplan and Helios compare with your expectations regarding each item below?

Dr. Caplan is so thoughtful with his patient approach – he takes his time and wants to understand holistic patient care. He is very knowledgable and great at explaining treatment paths. He has high empathy that complements his knowledge. He’s a phenomenal doctor!

— H.C. - female

Dr. Caplan did not make me feel rushed during our appointment. He was personable and easy to talk to.

— D.B. - female

Exploring all the options (not limiting treatment to testosterone alone) and basing dosage on my lived-experience of a “normal” range as opposed to population normal.

— S.A. - male

Efficient, timely, thorough, easily works with my busy schedule

— I.R. - male

Time dedicated to me

— I.C. - female

I would definitely recommend Dr.Caplan if you have problem with your hormones and weight loss plan.He is very knowldegable and provide you diffrent options according to your diagnoses,very approachable doctor that you will feel how passionate he is to his profession.Thank you so much doctor James.

— Joseph Calica

I found my way to Dr. Caplan’s online practice after quietly – and unnecessarily – suffering from many of the classic symptoms of declining testosterone levels for more than a decade. My decision to finally move forward with professional care would prove to be a game changer. But finding the right provider was key, especially because men’s health issues have been sidelined for decades and there still aren’t enough specialists in this area of medicine. Fortunately, choosing to work with Dr. Caplan has turned out to be a smart move for at least three reasons.

First, his knowledge base is extensive and, crucially, he has been intentional about creating informative blog posts and educational videos. As someone who does my own research before beginning a new treatment plan, I found Dr. Caplan’s public content to be a thorough and user-friendly resource that has helped me learn the fundamentals of testosterone and related therapies. Nothing was complicated. He it made it straightforward and easy to understand.

Second, Dr. Caplan stands out for his responsiveness and availability. He was able to see me quickly when I requested an initial consultation. He still spends an ample amount of time with me during my virtual visits. Yet he’s mindful of my work and family schedule and my visits with him are always conveniently scheduled.

Third, I have felt consistently confident in the treatment plan that he has prescribed. It turns out that optimizing testosterone levels is as much of an art as it is a science. There has been some necessary trial and error in finding my personal “sweet spot,” but from Day 1 I have felt that I was in good hands.

In sum, I am happy to recommend Dr. Caplan to other men who want to improve their health and well-being. If you’re thinking this might be for you, it probably is. And Dr. Caplan is worth checking out.

— SA

Dr. Caplan is the definition of professional. Extremely knowledgeable, a great communicator, patient and flexible. I would strongly recommend him as your regular provider or to get a second opinion, well worth it.

— Will Griffin

I am so happy I found Dr Caplan. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and listens to everything that I have to share. He explains things in clear and simple terms and always makes me feel at ease. Highly recommend!

— Dan Dow