Health Risks Of Hypogonadism: 4 Categories

The health risks of hypogonadism can be broken up into 4 categories:
1. Physical
– Reduction in strength and endurance
– Reduction in sports performance
– Erectile dysfunction
– Reduction in sperm count
– Reduction in ejaculate volume
– Development of breast tissue
– Increase in belly fat
– Increase in hot flashes
2. Biochemical
– Anemia
– Abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels
– Insulin resistance
– Increase in blood pressure and blood sugar
– Reduction of bone density
– Increased risk of fractures of bones
3. Mental
– Reduction of concentration and libido
– Reduction of memory and spacial thought
– Reduction in self esteem and confidence
– Reduction in drive and well being
4. Financial
– Missed opportunities for financial advancement
– Healthcare costs
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